Build Your Brand With Virtual Presence - Part 2 of 3

The Leader and The Muse: Inspired Personal Branding

Apr 19 2013 • 58 mins

Leading great conference calls is one of the most vexing challenges of 21st century leadership. If done poorly, over time, it can drain your energy, waste your time, dilute your leadership message and weaken your personal brand. Developing strong virtual presence is a way to avoid this common pitfall. Join personal branding expert, Rasheryl McCreary as she teaches you how to build your brand on conference calls. In this episode you’ll learn how to: identify the key elements of virtual communication, structure messages for instant and consistent engagement and elevate and maintain the energy level on the call. Listen to The Leader and The Muse on Fridays at 12noon PACIFIC and learn how to build your brand by pumping up your virtual presence.