What Many Personal Branding Experts Get Wrong

The Leader and The Muse: Inspired Personal Branding

Aug 23 2013 • 57 mins

Many personal branding experts focus on the external manifestations of your brand: your logo, business card, website, social media presence and personal appearance. In fact, there’s a lot of advice offered and discussion of social media as personal brand. Join host and personal branding strategist, Rasheryl McCreary as she explains why many personal brand experts have got it all wrong. Rasheryl will walk you step-by-step through the process of growing your brand organically. In this episode, you will learn: quick tips for discovering your personal brand, deep dive assessment tools that provide data about your brand, why you must stand out from your peers, how to increase your brand’s visibility, how your unique perspective adds value to your brand. Listen to The Leader and The Muse at 12noon PACIFIC for a dose of personal brand inspiration.