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Ever notice that we will talk about everything before we talk about money? Sex? No problem. Politics? Bring it on. Money? Totally taboo. But not for long! Nicole Lapin— the only financial expert you don’t need a dictionary to understand, New York Times best selling author of Rich Bitch, and host of Money Rehab— is here to rehab your wallet, so you can get your financial life together once and for all. Episodes are just ten minutes-ish... no frills, just bite-sized tips and tricks so you don’t waste any time. And Nicole wants to hear from YOU! Email the money questions you want answered to and Nicole will help–and you could even join Nicole on the show for a one-on-one intervention. read less

Our Editor's Take

Money Rehab with Nicole Lapin is guiding people on their road to financial wisdom. Host Nicole Lapin wants to make the topic of money less intimidating. Whether listeners are beginners or seasoned investors, they may find financial advice on this podcast.

Lapin has made a career as a news anchor, appearing on MSNBC and CNN. Since then, she became a best-selling author in the businesswoman genre. She won several awards in her field, among them a Webby Award in 2023.

Money Rehab with Nicole Lapin has a "money makeover" lens. It focuses on helping people improve their finances and their relationship with money. Lapin shares advice, explanations, and guides for all sorts of money topics. She explores mom influencers, lowballing, layoffs, and retirement investments. She uses pop culture and news to inform the topics as well. One episode focuses on egg prices during the recent inflation. She discusses how student loan cancellation could affect the broader economy.

Jobs, budgets, and psychology are all elements that impact finances. This podcast is good for those who need help reshaping their financial mindsets. It'll teach people how to invest, know when to walk away, and the costs associated with a family. Of course, listeners should talk to their own financial advisor before making any decisions.

The podcast discusses other burning questions, like how much celebs earn. It also asks if people should work with their significant others. Money can be a complex topic. This podcast wants to offer guidance with the approach to simplifying finances.

New episodes of Money Rehab with Nicole Lapin are dropped daily. They last between 20-35 minutes.

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