Welcome to episode #37 We’re thrilled to be joined by Deborah Charnes today. Deborah is a certified yoga therapist and author of “From the Boxing Ring to the Ashram: Wisdom for Mind, Body and Spirit”. Before dedicating herself to writing and therapy she worked high-pressured jobs as a PR and marketing strategist for multi-nationals. Welcome to the show Deborah!


  1. Can you tell us about your experience with neurodiversity? When did you realize that you weren’t neurotypical? What challenges did you face? What is it like now?
    1. From a young age realized she was different
    2. Self-diagnosis with ADHD
      1. Inattention and hyperactivity
      2. Falls asleep in movies in cinemas (dark lights)
      3. Driving alone can be a problem
      4. Deals with attention issues through yoga and breathwork
        1. Agni - digestive practices
  2. What "work" projects are you concentrating on?
    1. Previously worked in corporate PR/marketing
    2. Then built her own consultancy representing businesses that have a positive impact
    3. Now yoga therapist (3 years of training)
      1. 1 on 1
      2. Retreats and workshops
      3. Author “From the boxing ring to the ashram”
  3. How about the rest of the time? What do you enjoy doing in your off time?
    1. Traveling (just worked in Costa Rica for 5 weeks, have worked in India, Nicaragua)
  4. What does your morning routine look like and how has it evolved over time?
    1. Wakes up at 4.30 am
    2. 1hr of yin and restorative yoga + Jappa
    3. Prana Yama in bed
    4. Lemon ginger tea (fresh ginger and lemon)
    5. 24 Sun salutations
    6. Breakfast
      1. Cacao and adaptogens
  5. What do you do to optimize productivity during your working hours?
    1. Ten-minute breathing breaks for boosting energy and empathy
    2. Sabbath (digital disconnect once per week)
  7. What is one habit you'd like to remove from your life (either a bad habit or one that takes up too much time)?
    1. Carbs
  8. How do you switch off at night?
    1. Meal timing (light dinner)
    2. Avoid bright lights (candles/salt lamps)
    3. Long bath (Epsom salts)
    4. Meditation
  9. What resources (books, philosophies, apps, sensory toys) do you find most helpful for productivity and habit formation?
    1. “24/6” by Tiffany Shlain
    2. Malla beads for jappa
  10. Where can people connect with you or find your work?
    1. Facebook/Instagram/YouTube/LinkedIn: Deborah Charnes
    2. Facebook group: The Namaste Council
    3. Facebook group: The Write Council
  11. Do you have any final words or asks for our audience?
    1. Everyone can improve their health and happiness

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