Intro | Never Give Up

Breaking Trail

Jul 5 2021 • 2 mins

Life is a journey. It really is. It’s an eternal journey, because we are eternal. It’s not going to end when the body ends, this is just one blip on the radar. Life is a puzzle, but every little piece of the puzzle that you put in it’s proper place gives you a little better picture of the whole thing. So you add this piece, that piece, this bit, that bit, and pretty soon you’re inspired to go to a higher level. And not only physically but mentally, and not only mentally but consciously and spiritually. One build on the other. It all is part of a program that is changing things in your life. It’s all leading in a positive direction, step by step. Life Is meant to be joyous, really. But if you’re trying to have a joyous life from material sources, then it won’t be joyous. Do we need all these extra things, do we need all this material success, do we need all these things we don’t have - or not? There’s a saying in the Vedas; simple living, high thinking. We’re going to be on the journey