#48: There is Hope

Breaking Trail

Jun 11 2022 • 59 mins

There is really no hope—for the material body. Nor for the material utopia we sometimes dream about. But there is real hope for you, the spirit soul. What is that hope? Coming to know about and gradually realize your true nature as eternally joyful, vibrant, and youthful. And we can move forward in that direction—if we choose to do so. Highlights: (2:14) Ruben shares story of how he and his family went for a concert tour for nursing homes, sharing the message of “There is hope”(11:19) There’s so much difficulty in the world. But if the consciousness of the people could be elevated, we would overcome all difficulties.(18:21) We are all spirit souls, regardless of the body we are in, and it’s our nature to be ever youthful and happy. We are all searching for the same thing—happiness, love, affection. And that’s where hope is.(26:16) Reading from Srimad-Bhagavatam 2.10.43: “There is another nature which is eternally existent, without being occasionally created or destroyed. And