#117 Student by day & entrepreneur by night: Meet the real life startup superhero - Kunal Chandiramani 2 x CEO, International Bestselling author, and TEDx Speaker

The Indian Startup Show

May 21 2019 • 33 mins

"I feel like Superman getting ready to fly" Today I speak to Kunal Chandiramani founder and CEO of two startups. A TEDx speaker, an international best-selling author, while still at school. He talks about his love of startups, his love of innovation, waking up at 4.45am! Growing a beard & wearing suits for meetings. And he will tell you how to come up with value propositions, validate ideas, and how to motivate yourself. And finally we have some Jeff Bezos chat.

In this conversation we also talk about:

  • A love of innovations and startups
  • School system in india
  • Choosing between profit or impact
  • How does he do all this?
  • What do his classmates and teachers think?
  • Which is best: Distant future market or near future markets
  • Being authentic
  • Age is NOT a barrier
  • Having the Forbes list on his bedroom wall
  • Sending Jeff Bezos a letter and getting a reply

and much more!



I am looking for feedback on the show. So If you could fill out the audience survey. It talks 2mins https://forms.gle/iNkXMauT7azY81sK8


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