249: Learning to Expectantly Believe God for Big Dreams (Even If You've Been Hurt)

The Christian Mindset Coach with Alicia Michelle

Mar 18 2024 • 21 mins

Ever desire to dream big for God and have expectant faith… but wonder, “how does that really happen when life feels hopeless and I have no idea how to make these dreams a reality?” Today we’re talking about taking the first step toward a dream (even when we’re full of fear and need help finding hope). Listen in to find biblical encouragement and to learn the first steps toward believing God to bring big dreams to fruition.

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[05:07] We May Have Faith… But Do We Have Expectant Belief in God’s Unseen Plan?

[08:06] How Do We Handle Doubt, Especially When We’ve Made Mistakes?

[11:50] Will You Emotionally Dwell in the Victories or the Challenges?

[13:24]  God Shows Us the Next Step After We’ve Taken the First One

[16:19] Let Me Help You Work Through the Obstacles and Make Your God-Sized Dream a Reality


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