248: Going through Life Changes (or Need to Make Some Changes?) You're Invited to Accountability, Encouragement and Support in Group Coaching

The Christian Mindset Coach with Alicia Michelle

Mar 11 2024 • 17 mins

Are you walking into a new life season and need personalized encouragement, accountability and community? If so, you’re in luck because I am welcoming the next group of women into The Onward and Upward Group Coaching Program starting in April. Let’s talk about why this program is the perfect mix of goal setting and Christian coaching to help you live out the dreams that God has placed in your heart!


[02:58]  Desiring change? Get much-needed support in The Onward and Upward Group Coaching Program

[07:09] What makes this Group Coaching program different?

[09:54] Study the Bible with Me LIVE Using the Spiritual Growth Rhythm

[12:32] Apply for Coaching today to grab one of the limited spots!

[14:16]  You don’t have to walk through life’s changes alone. Let us help you walk through change together!


Need support for navigating new beginnings, creating new routines, or chasing divine dreams? Join us in “The Onward and Upward Group Coaching Program”! It is by application only and spots are limited so sign up today!

Looking to refresh your mind + dwell in God's peace (in about 5 minutes!) when life is stressful? Check out Alicia’s “Christian Meditations for Daily Calm” resource.

Ready to refresh your mind, body, and spirit as you explore one of the world's most beloved regions? Join Alicia in September 2025 for a life-changing travel retreat to Italy!


235: Join me! Group Coaching: Let’s Go Onward + Upward in Your Godly Calling in 2024