252: Discovering God-Centered Courage to Confidently Move Through Fear with Jennifer Allwood

The Christian Mindset Coach with Alicia Michelle

Apr 8 2024 • 41 mins

Do you find yourself staying in your comfort zone because of anxious thoughts and fear of the future? I have seen so many women wanting to move toward what God has called them to do but have not learned how to move with fear. Join business coach and best-selling author Jennifer Allwood and I as we share about moving forward despite fearful thoughts, including how courage and confidence build as we work through fear (not vice versa).


[03:27] We Must Choose to Work Through Fear Instead of Run from Fear

[08:10] We Have Been Trained to Not Trust Ourselves

[11:39] If We Pay Too Much Attention to Our Feelings, They Will Always Steer Us in The Wrong Direction

[15:27] “Confidence is a Crock of Crap”

[25:54] “You Cannot Ask God to Show You What He Wants You to Do If You've Been Ignoring What He's Been Whispering in Your Ear for Years”

[35:58] Alicia’s Reflections: Am I Letting Fear Get In The Way of What God Has Planned For Me?


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