241: Is Your Distorted Body Image Hurting Your Health Journey? with Laura Lindhaul

The Christian Mindset Coach with Alicia Michelle

Jan 22 2024 • 38 mins

Is better health a New Year’s resolution for you? Join me for this fascinating conversation with today’s guest exercise physiologist and nutrition coach Laura Lindhaul as we talk about the role that mindset and mental health plays in losing weight and building a healthy body. What distorted body mindsets have you adopted over the years? How can we as women find healing and body acceptance from these mental patterns? Let’s talk about it!


[03:25] “The Church Doesn’t Talk Enough About Body Image”

[09:09] Asking Ourselves, “What Mental Agreements Do I Have About My Body?”

[13:38] Wait, Don’t We Just Need More Body Positivity?

[15:47] The Opposite Side of The Spectrum - Body Shaming

[18:19] Body Neutrality: “My Body is The Least Important Thing About Me”

[23:11] What’s Your Why for a Healthier Body?

[26:27] Are You Trying to Control the Outcome of Your Health Instead of Contributing to It?

[29:31] Is It Time to Admit that Body Image Is a Problem?

[35:02] Alicia’s Reflections: What Trips You Up in Your Body Image?


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