Security Incident Management, Data Protection & Privacy Best Practices | Edgar P. (Group CISO @ YNV)

The SaaSTrana Show

Oct 18 2023 • 38 mins

In this SaaSTrana podcast, Edgar Pimenta (Group CISO @ YNV Group) talks to Venky about the security incident management and data protection/privacy management best practices in highly regulated organizations such as telcos and financial.

He also shares the steps on how orgnizations can prepare themselves in case of an incident breach and ways to recover from it quickly.

Here are some key highlights from the discussion:

00:00 - About Edgar and YNV Group

03:40 - Data Protection and Privacy - uplifting the security initiatives of an organization

08:31 - Access management, security by default and pen-testing initiatives for data security

10:30 - Security and compliance as a differentiator

12:19 - Nuances in the Application Security across Telco, Financial and SaaS Industries

21:01 - Building secure products at a faster pace

23:54 - Preparing for an incident breach (An example of a real-life ransomware story)

29:17 - Importance of audit logging

31:21 - WAF/WAAP - a highly important tool for website security

34:23 - Virtual patching for protection from zero-day vulnerabilities

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