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Outer Edge Space - Doodles 2 Stoodio Beta - Exclusive Doodles Team Interview
May 4 2023
Outer Edge Space - Doodles 2 Stoodio Beta - Exclusive Doodles Team Interview
Welcome to the Edge of NFT podcast! Today we bring you a Twitter Spaces recording from our Outer Edge LA Twitter account, where we are excited to talk about the latest development in the world of Web3 and blockchain technology.Joining us on the spaces was team Doodles, the popular blockchain-based collectibles platform, which is unveiling the new Stoodio experience, which is open to all Doodle holders. The Stoodio serves as an entry point to their digital ecosystem and a place with added benefits for Doodle holders. It's the headquarters for the Doodles experience and collector journey, hosting your profile, their rewards program, access to marketplaces, and the long-awaited Doodles 2 Character Builder.In this episode, we'll dive into the beta version of The Stoodio, where you'll find the highly-anticipated Character Builder, which allows you to create the Doodle of your dreams using Doodles 2 collectibles. To start, use your Beta Pass to mint a Doodle. You can browse Wearables that you already own or explore others in the marketplace. Purchase additional packs, dress up your avatar, and truly own your digital identity across shareable profiles. Whenever you make changes to your Doodle or the wearables that are equipped, it saves to chain.We'll also explore the exciting news that Doodles is onboarding the biggest brands and voices in their world through Doodles 2 Collectibles and the power of the blockchain, starting with Pharrell, Adidas, Humanrace, BBC, and Ice Cream. Doodles 2 is your ticket to an elevated level of experiences, collectibles, and identity through exclusive brand and artist partnerships.Furthermore, we'll discuss the mechanics of the Pharrell Pack and Stoodio details. The Pharrell Pack is a collection of wearables and redeemables curated by Pharrell, containing three digital wearables, one redeemable, and one beta pass. 48 of the 300 packs will contain a grail redeemable and matching grail wearable. 252 packs will contain the colored (non-green) sambas as redeemable and exclusive level wearables otherwise. 12 lucky Doodles will receive a redeemable for the extremely limited, Pharrell 50th birthday edition green Sambas.We hope you enjoy this episode and are as excited as we are about the new Stoodio experience and the future of Doodles. Stay tuned for more exciting developments in the world of Web3 and blockchain technology.