Nasiah Cirincione-Ulezi on Doing the Work


Sep 17 2023 • 39 mins

Dr. Nasiah Cirincione-Ulezi joins the show to discuss what it means to show up authentically and what it looks like to “do the work”. Dr. Cirincione-Ulezi talks about how “doing the work” means learning to sit with one’s emotions —even when they don’t feel so good. Dr. Cirincione-Ulezi shares how, through the use of ACT, she is learning to evaluate the rules in her life, explore their origin, and to sit with the discomfort of doing so. Dr. Cirincione-Ulezi describes the rewards of doing the work for her are freedom, self-expression, and perhaps a bit more joy from embracing ones own humanness. To learn more about Dr. Cirincione-Ulezi visit