Movie Lines That Transcend

The Write Note

Mar 1 2023 • 30 mins

Hosts J Ryan and Keira have a fun discussion about lines from movies that are so well written and executed they become ingrained in popular consciousness, regardless of if you've seen the movie or not. And they explore how these lines provide a lesson to authors in how to write dialogue for their own characters.

Episode highlights:

01:17                    Shout-out: Parents Who Write / Writing Momentum

03:10                   Character is King

08:50                  What do these bits of dialogue have in common?

12:00                   You may not have seen it, but you know it

14:38                   What’s so funny about facing your fears?

16:36                   Work with me here

19:04                   How do you know that!!

20:45                  A moment of defeat

22:58                  Where is that from?

24:47                  Stay true to your characters

26:00                  Info dumps – Be on guard