174 TPSUK: Pizza Included

The Playstation Show UK (TpSUK)

Dec 9 2016 • 1 hr 47 mins

This episode DsconicX discusses his fully functioning, Shiny, new PS4 Pro. Bod talks about his new car, bought from that back of some shady back alley. alongside this we discuss the awesomeness of PSX 2016 http://www.tpsukpodcast.com/podcast/174-tpsuk-pizza-included/ (Continue Reading174 TPSUK: Pizza Included)The post http://www.tpsukpodcast.com/podcast/174-tpsuk-pizza-included/ (174 TPSUK: Pizza Included) appeared first on http://www.tpsukpodcast.com (The Playstation Show UK). https://paypal.me/pools/c/8vZwgSRnyE (Support the show) (https://paypal.me/pools/c/8vZwgSRnyE)