More To Movement

Pete Rohleder, M.Ed., CSCS

Movement. Mindset. Matters. More To Movement is all about science-backed, practical approaches to health and fitness outcomes and the mindset needed to level up your results. Join Pete as he discusses enhanced movement and training strategies and provides insight into the mindset needed to achieve lasting health and fitness improvements for you and your clients. Pete Rohleder, a 17-year fitness industry specialist, has impacted thousands of clients and fitness professionals as an educator, trainer, speaker, and consultant. Pete is an expert at bridging the gap between movement science and real-world application. Through storytelling and visuals, Pete integrates strategies to focus on and develop a mindset to elevate your training and optimize your impact with your clients. His easy-to-understand breakdown of information and tangible takeaways can be quickly implemented for better, more efficient health, fitness, and performance results. Whether you’re a fitness professional or fitness enthusiast, level up with Pete and launch your success through the roof! read less
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