Conscious Living, Travel & Embracing Life

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Nov 8 2021 • 1 hr 1 min

Conscious Living, Travel & Embracing Life

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In her corporate life, Alise was a controller for Hilton Hotel Corporation, a Regional Director of Revenue, and a Director of Human Resources. She created strategies to optimize the generation of revenue. However, she was so miserable in her work, and she literally became ill with MS and many other health challenges. In 2013, Alise began working her way back to better health through diet, healing, nature baths, and doing the work to heal her stored emotions. She was no longer interested in the corporate rat race or doing the same repetitive job every day just to pay the bills. She realized, “Life is short, and she wanted to make the most of it NOW.” That is why, in 2020, as the impact of COVID- hit home ~ she felt many of us realized how fragile the life we might take for granted really is. She implored her husband Gregg to give up his 12-hour workdays in the hospitality industry, so that they could sell everything and travel around the world. At first, he laughed off her suggestion and said that would be a great idea for when we retire. Next chapter ~ In April 2021, Alise and her husband Gregg did sell most of their belongings, let their lease expire, packed their two cats into the car, and set out on an epic journey of living their dream as travel bloggers. Their hope is to inspire you to live every day to the fullest, push the boundaries of your comfort zone, and show you amazing places to visit and experience across the globe.


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