Angelic Guidance: Messages from the Angels Part Two: Tools for the Coming Year

Heart Soul Wisdom Podcast

Dec 20 2021 • 56 mins

Angelic Guidance ~ Messages from the Angels Part Two: Tools for the Coming Year

•Love and Relationships
•Health and Well Being
•Freedom and Fulfillment
•Passion and Purpose

Adria is a conscious channel of angels, Lemurians, and other beings who wish to assist humanity. She is also a medium, shaman, and animal communicator. Adria shares the powerful message “Sometimes we want something so dearly, that if we have tried for it before we tuck it away inside a treasure box of wishes too precious to look at or even consider. It is time in the evolution of humanity for each one of us to open those new gifts to ourselves. It is time to receive and complete the wishes of the past if they are still resonant for your empowered being”. Adria lives in Sedona, Arizona, and channels for clients around the world.

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Gifts: Audio Recording: Come out of Fear

Angel Raphael takes us through exercises to bring ourselves out of the collective fear experience.

Topics include:

  • Practices for coming out of fear in the heart and gut
  • The sovereignty to choose our circumstance
  • Discerning the difference between false fear
  • Come out of the cloud of collective fear
  • Angelic light to lighten the residue of fear in you
  • What to do about others around us in fear
  • Choosing what to receive into our experience
  • Creating the opposite of what you fear

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