371 - Daniel Steinhardt from The GigRig and co-host of That Pedal Show

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Aug 24 2021 • 56 mins

Brian, Blake and Richard are back and joined by Daniel Steinhardt in an all-new episode of the Chasing Tone Podcast!

This week we are stoked to have Daniel Steinhardt from The GigRig.com and That Pedal Show joining us for a lengthy chat about capacitors and resistors. He tells us a fantastic story about Yoshi from BOSS and his origins in engineering, and then spins off into telling us all the story of how he went from a touring guitarist to running his own electronics company. It's sounds very much like it has been quite the awesome journey so far!

Brian get's to test his hillbilly Englo-stralian accent on a real Australian, and Dan talks a little bit about his early influences and the music scene down under before he had his first quasi-religious experience with a classic pedal.  It sparked a lifelong love of pedals and that certainly comes across with a natural passion that shines through in Dan's stories.

Dan also tells us a lot about his amazing relationship with industry legend and his partner in crime Mick Taylor, and the guys find out about how That Pedal Show came to be. He also tells us about the work that goes into that show before breaking down his dream rig - and Dan has definitely played played through one or two pieces of kit in his time.  He's even given Brian some more food for thought and perhaps a new purchase looms on the horizon?

We all take a different musical journey in life, and Dan's video last year made us all think about our own love of the instrument, of music, and the circles we keep as we make our own way through this journey and our own connections to creativity. The podcast may get deep at some points so strap yourself in for a ride it's not your usual episode...

The Last Blockbuster, Elgar's beard, Hear the guys all say 'wow' like Owen Wilson, Roger Mayer, Natural feel for pedal order, Brians RF Chicken coop ... It's all in this week's Chasing Tone!

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