Shen & Shan Show: LGBTQ+ Pride & Business

Shen & Shan

We're Shenice and Shan, a black queer couple who are business owners - real estate, financial freedom, life insurance, and retirement planning are what we do best professionally. On our video podcast, we highlight the stories, businesses, and careers of LGBTQ+ professionals and entrepreneurs to educate our community and world on the possibilities. With a little rainbow inspiration, it's clear that even through adversity, we can be a success AND our true selves!
26 | Finding Your Whole Self as Transgender - Co-Founder Save Our Sisters United, Kai Jones25 | Music Saved My Life - Artist | Creative Director, Amber Ryann24 | Create the community that doesn't exist! - LaJoya Johnson, Black Educated Lesbians23 | Kneeling on Rice Won't Make the Gay Go Away - Debbie Storrs, Neon Boots Dancehall & Salloon22 | From PAIN to LOVE - Naomi & Marilyn, Marfran Cleaning (LGBTBE)21 | Military & Entrepreneur Path to Breakthrough Success - Anita Legacy Blue20 | From BIPOC Tech Intrapreneur to Genius Business Strategist Entrepreneur - Luis Báez19 | Kicked Out of Bible School to a Life of Social Justice - Tammi Wallace, Greater Houston LGBT Chamber of Commerce18 | Engineers to Making Dumplings for a Living! - Mike & Chih, Dumpling Dudez17 | Building an Influencer Brand That's REAL - Alia & Hannah, Hersandhers16 | Waking Up to a New Purpose and Journey - Whitney Howard, Diva'ONNE Exclusive School of Music2 | Small Talk | We voted! Have you?!15 | Kaitlin Becker, Emmy Nominated Actor - Writer - Musician14 | Jay Stringham, Diagnostic Medical Sonographer13 | Claire Ensslin, Filmmaker and Director1 | Small Talk | Do you have a morning routine?12 | Jelisa Shipley, Owner & Nail Technician of My Juicee Nailz11 | Charlie Outram, Owner of Nuance District10 | Bobbi Clayton, Founder & Owner of Bold Hello9 | Alyssia & Dani, Wildflower Apothecary