The Life of Thomas Downing Chapter 2: The World's Mine Oyster

The Bivalve Trail

Dec 22 2020 • 21 mins

It's now 1820, Thomas Downing is working in New York City as a registered oysterman, selling his crops to local businessmen for their oyster cellars. Oyster Cellars were seedy and vulgar; pickpocketing was common, male patrons were disorderly and obscene. Thomas wanted to make oysters a luxury food and serve them in a business of elegance and class. He revolutionized the oyster industry and became a local and international sensation in the process.

Additional vocals in this episode are from Bill Troxler and Thom Nolan.

THE BIVALVE TRAIL is produced by the Chincoteague Island Theatre Company and our parent organization the Chincoteague Cultural Alliance. Researched, written, and presented by Lexi Hubb. Recording and post-production by Longtayle Studios. Music by Bill Troxler. Artwork by Angie Heady. Project partner is the Museum of Chincoteague Island.

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