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Our Editor's Take

The hosts of the Advisory Opinions podcast have both spent years advocating for changes in law and culture. First, there's Sarah Isgur. A graduate of Harvard Law School, she used to be a spokesperson for the DOJ. During the Russia investigation, she acted as a senior counsel. To top it off, Isgur contributed her expertise to three presidential campaigns. Her cohost, David French, considers her one of the sharpest political commentators around.

As for French, his political and law experience spans decades. He worked at the American Center for Law and Justice and served in the US Army as a judge-advocate. He also lectured about law at Cornell and wrote for National Review. He is now a columnist for The New York Times. As an attorney, French's career focus was on fighting for religious freedoms.

The pair's combined knowledge of the law is the basis for Advisory Opinions. It's a place for them to use their vast expertise to explore the most influential court rulings in the US. They discuss decisions related to student loan forgiveness or affirmative action in universities. The two examine proposed laws on social media or gun ownership. The pair talk about anything from sexual harassment suits to abortion rights. In short, any legal matter that can affect the everyday lives of Americans gets a feature on the podcast.

Advisory Opinions may deal with complex legal matters, as it focuses on many US Supreme Court decisions. But that doesn't mean that podcast listeners have to be law graduates. French and Isgur do an excellent job of simplifying the issues at hand. Each uses everyday terms to help the listeners understand new legislation. They give their audience the tools to become more involved in politics. Along the way, the hosts also provide their own political opinions. But those viewpoints never dominate the conversation. They only serve to showcase how politics, law, and culture forever intertwine. Advisory Opinions has new episodes several times each week.

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