Ron Stauffer

Micron is a one-man podcast by Ron Stauffer with weekly episodes about life, learning, laughter, and the people who make this world an interesting place. Micron is a podcast by me, but it isn't about me. It's about what I've seen, lessons I've learned, places I’ve been, things I've tried or discovered, things I've failed at, and most importantly, it's about the people I've met along the way.

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Podcast Trailer: Introducing Micron
#15: I Took Ancestry’s DNA Test. Here’s What I Discovered.#14: Becoming an EMT for Absolutely No Reason At All#13: Six Days in San Francisco - A Ring Cycle Review#12: Wagner's Ring Cycle - The Greatest Story Ever Told#11: Looney Tunes, Lord of the Rings, and Star Wars: The Impact of Richard Wagner's Ring Cycle#10: Food Service Files - The Italian Restaurant#09: Food Service Files - The Hotel#08: Food Service Files - The 1950s Diner#07: Debunking The Myth of Homeownership#06: Rediscovering The Magic of Christmas Through Caroling#05: From Ireland to America - Finding My Ancestors In Pennsylvania#04: Singing With A Four-Star Army General#03: Play Ball! Life Lessons From Coaching Youth Baseball#02: Meeting Weird Al Yankovic#01: Growing A Beard (A Social Experiment)Podcast Trailer: Introducing Micron