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I want to talk to your heart, not your mind.
Feb 11 2023
I want to talk to your heart, not your mind.
In this podcast I discuss the programming and conditioning. What if you were transported to another planet. You see that they have different rules of engagement, a different focus to life. You would either relate, judge or accept the way of their paradigm. What if you had the ability of being telepathic and that you did not need to understand their language for you would be able to communicate through feeling, imagery, and use their own words to communicate. That you were connected to your innerbeing, higher consciousness, in love and not fear. You have this ability here on this plane of existence. You also have experienced different rules and cultures when you were a child going over to your friends house for the first time and meeting their family. You saw how different family units lived and interacted with each other. Now dear one, why are you not taking the steps to connect with your heart, your innerbeing? Why are you not bringing this awareness into your every day reality?    Enjoy the teaching. Be brave and courageous my brothers and sisters. This is the life to be aware to higher consciousness and connect with your heart. You are way more than image in the mirror.   I will be doing live events, courses, to find out more, go to   You can also book a Quantum Healing Session where we go into your soul field and connect with higher consciousness. These are  beautiful sessions where you gain clarity and understanding.