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The Unschooling Mom2Mom podcast is a quick conversation with Sue Patterson, coach, author, and mother of 3 grown unschoolers. Sue shares inspiration and tips to help you find the unschooling confidence you're looking for! Even if you’re more of a “homeschooler” than an “unschooler,” these 5-10 minute podcasts can help you find more joy in parenting, educating and connecting with your children!

Mother's Day and THAT Mom!
May 3 2022
Mother's Day and THAT Mom!
This week is Mothers’s Day.  And since the podcast is Unschooling Mom2Mom, I thought it’s important to talk about it a little. I actually have a collection of writings about Mother’s Day: Anticipating Mother's Day Podcast/BlogpostMother's Day 2020 blogpostPinterest Board - Mother's Day Memes & SuchAND! I have some free printables for you - ways to help your kids connect with this Mother's Day concept without any mention of school!  Grab the Mother's Day PDF here: post from Mother’s Day 2020 has a lot of interesting links - all focusing a bit on the HYPE of Mother’s Day.  Because, you know, Mother’s Day didn’t start out this way. The founder, Anna Jarvis, is probably rolling over in her grave because this is NOT what she had in mind.And, like all holidays, they can be triggering. We see these beautiful Instagram posts and then we look over and our kids have forgotten. Especially if you’re a single mom and no one is helping your child plan ahead for this “Big Day.”  Or maybe we’re reminded that our own mothers aren’t here or weren’t that great when they were. So if you need to scroll on past Mother’s Day, do you! Seriously. It’s not worth putting undue pressure on anyone. Because really, appreciation is an inside job. You do what you do because that’s how you want to parent. It’s how you want to mother. Not to get flowers or feedback from anyone else that you’re doing a good job. YOU determine if you like the job you’re doing. That’s a lot of that People Pleasing that's been conditioned into us. Also it's that school-induced idea about “showing your work,” or it-doesn’t-count-unless-it’s-externally-praised.  Isn’t it time to let THAT go??I also wanted to talk a little about being THAT mom. You know the one. The one who gets the side eye from friends and relatives. The one who marches to her own beat. And if you’re unschooling, partnering with your kids as you’re navigating this Parenting Thing, odds are, you’re the one they’re talking about.I'll share some specifics about raising my own 3 unschoolers on the podcast with more at the blogpost. Are you THAT mom too? Tell us in the comments here: Confidence MembershipIf you need to surround yourself with other parents who are prioritizing partnering with their kids, you'll love the support in my private coaching group. So many awesome resources too. It's a month-by-month plan, so stay as long as you'd like!Unschooling UpdatesGetting on my free email list will bring unschooling resources to your inbox! Let's stay connected!