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The Gray Matters

Todd Harrington

The Gray Matters podcast is a growing collection of personal stories that explore each guest’s passion and how that passion has shaped their life. Told from the unique perspective of those over the age of 50, our guests discuss how they discovered their passion, their commitment to it, and how it has evolved as they have aged.

No matter what your age or your interests, The Gray Matters podcast provides an opportunity to connect with a variety of people on a simply human level. It’s the chance to celebrate the distinctiveness in people who have, for the better part of their life, devoted themselves to doing something they love. There may be a hint of nostalgia and definitely some laughs along the way but ultimately it’s honest, insightful, and at times unexpected conversation with everyday people doing remarkable things.

At The Gray Matters podcast every story matters. Every point of view is a different experience and no matter how big or small, every story needs to be told. We share something of ourselves in the stories we tell and our goal is to share that thing which might spark something special in you and inspire you to follow your own passion. These stories are about people like you and just like them you have the potential to do something great in your life.

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Welcome to The Gray Matters podcast.

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Uncharted Waters with Teresa Laughlin
Dec 1 2021
Uncharted Waters with Teresa Laughlin
[Episode 12] Teresa Laughlin is a woman of many talents. She is an actress, a fashion designer, a photographer, a publicist, a sailor, a woodworker and she may even become a race car driver in the near future. Teresa is passionate about a variety of things but what we found amidst all of her interests is her overarching passion for the excitement of new activities and experiences. She loves to learn and is fearless about jumping into the unknown. She thrives on the excitement of learning a new skill whatever it may be.In looking back on our discussion with Teresa, her passion for learning seems to be focused in two areas. The first is the thrill of something new. We all remember when we first learned how to ride a bicycle. Those firsts are exciting but unfortunately they only come once. Riding a bicycle is still fun but it's never like the feeling you get when you first learn to ride. Teresa loves those firsts, and who wouldn't. She is an explorer of sorts, actively seeking new things to learn and experience.There is also the meditative part to Teresa's passion. She immerses herself into things so fully that everything else fades away for a time. The mental focus that comes from doing something with your whole heart and soul can be therapeutic. Our sense is that she finds tranquility in those times of focus.May we all be as fortunate as Teresa in finding joy and fulfillment in so many things. We hope you enjoy listening to Teresa's story. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.