#1: John Wood, Founder of Rageheart - Mind Control and Manipulation with Magic Mushrooms, The Benefits Of Trusting Your Gut, Unleashing The Beast With Nervous System Work, And More


Apr 13 2023 • 1 hr 10 mins

My name is John Wood and I'm the founder of Rageheart, a company that helps people unleash the beast inside them by working directly with their nervous system and fight-or-flight response.

Before I discovered nervous system work, I tried most things people try to make themselves happier, less anxious and more fulfilled. Meditation, gratitude lists, breath work, journaling, therapy and yes, even copious amounts of sugar, porn and international travel. But it all paled in comparison to nervous system work. That is... working directly with my fight-or-flight response, learning how to move through all the feeling states we're designed to move through and cultivating safety at every level of my being.

In this episode, you'll hear a story about some dangerous people I met in Thailand (https://www.dropdeadcopy.com/soul-doctors/) and how it led me to the world of nervous system healing. You'll discover mind control techniques that cults use as well as how to inoculate yourself again these sorts of manipulative games. And you'll see how it all led to Rageheart - the company behind this podcast.


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