The Future of Smart

Ulcca Joshi Hansen | Grantmakers for Education

The Future of Smart, a project of Grantmakers for Education, will explore ideas at the intersection of education, equity, and philanthropy that point us towards a radical re-envisioning of our education system. We’ll hear from those working at the edge of what’s possible and explore what it means to support transformative change for young people and their communities. We can’t move our education system forward until we see what’s been holding us back. We have to recognize our assumptions, and our blind spots. This podcast will help listeners recognize how we got here and what assumptions we’ve accepted about young people and education. And it will provide us with new ways to think about creating something truly different.

Using Science to Imagine a New Purpose and Design for Education with Dr. Pamela Cantor
Jun 16 2022
Using Science to Imagine a New Purpose and Design for Education with Dr. Pamela Cantor
EdFunders' Dr. Ulcca Joshi Hansen will speak with Dr. Pamela Cantor, founder and senior science advisor for Turnaround for Children, about new research into youth and adolescent development and what that means for creating learning contexts that truly support and nurture the whole child. Funders have a critical role in supporting educators to develop the skills to create such contexts and development of curricular, assessment and accountability systems that align with the long term outcomes we want for young people.Relevant Links:Science of Learning and Development Trilogy: These are three papers prepared for the inauguration of the Science of Learning and Development Alliance in 2016. These papers are a synthesis of many sciences that converge on a set of core scientific principles that should drive the design of 21st century learning. The first two papers were followed by a third, which synthesizes the implications of the science for educational practice. Pam was the lead author on the first paper. David Osher was the lead author on the second paper, and Pam was a co-author. Linda Darling-Hammond was the lead author on the third paper.Key Findings and Implications of the Science of Learning and Development: For readers who are short on time, this is a five-page document that summarizes the science findings and their implications.Turnaround for Children’s tools and resources: Turnaround for Children, the organization Pam founded in 2002, provides tools, resources, and services that help educators operationalize whole-child design, especially in school settings. Turnaround’s tools, resources, and services are grounded in the science of learning and development and aligned to the Design Principles.Turnaround for Children’s Whole-Child BlueprintTurnaround for Children’s ToolboxTurnaround’s Well-Being IndexWhole-Child Design Inventory