Episode 2 // Bodies in Flux: Self-portraiture Outside the Canvas with Saya Woolfalk + Wang-Yao

Reckoning and Repair

Feb 28 2023 • 10 mins

Bodies in Flux: Self-Portraiture Outside the Canvas ​is an experimental storytelling episode with visual artist Saya Woolfalk in conversation with Wang-Yao. Saya describes her self-portraiture project that unravels the history of stolen stories and identity. She guides us in a process of unlearning and re-imagination through her use of unexpected materials incorporating Hudson river school paintings, medicinal plants, and what we don't know about Sojourners Truths' infamous "ain't I a woman speech."

For episode extras, and to learn more about the artists, hosts, and organizations involved, check out the Reckoning and Repair website: rnrphilly.com

This podcast was created at the Center for Experimental Ethnography at the University of Pennsylvania, a multimodal research hub that views creative practice as intellectual work that necessarily historicizes the inequalities that pervade our society, and that develops solutions for their present iterations through collaborative and participatory work.

This season was produced in connection to 2023 exhibit, "Rising Sun: Artists in an Uncertain America", an AAMP and PAFA collaboration curated by Dejay Duckett (AAMP), Judith Tannenbaum (PAFA), Mekhala Signal (PAFA), Michael Wilson (AAMP). This exhibit brings together 20 artists to respond to the question: Is the sun rising or setting on the experiment of American democracy? The exhibit runs March 23 through Oct 8 of 2023 at the Historic Landmark Building in Philadelphia.