13. Exploring Wakanda and Ghana through Food with Naa Odey (Foodies Take Flight)

The Flaky Foodie

Apr 21 2022 • 1 hr 3 mins

In this episode, we'll explore the foods of Wakanda, the fictional homeland of Black Panther, through The Official Wakanda Cookbook. We'll also discuss the cuisine of Ghana with Naa Odey. This is a first class trip to both fictional and real Africa through your imagination and taste buds -- come on board!

This is the fifth installment of Foodies Take Flight, a series where Jess talks with world travelers, expats and citizens of countries outside of the United States about their food experiences. Whether you have wanderlust and want inspiration for your next trip, or you're a homebody who just wants a mental vacation, Foodies Take Flight will take you up and away.

Naa Odey

The Flaky Foodie

The Wakanda Cookbook

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