Bluefort Fireside Chats - Insights Into SaaS Subscription Technology


In our series, we delve deep into the dynamic world of SaaS technology and the evolving landscape of subscription management. In each episode, our in-house experts, alongside industry guests, gather around the virtual fireside to discuss the technology that fuels the SaaS industry. We explore how businesses can harness the transformative power of automation and technology to not only thrive but also redefine their relationship with clients. The subscription economy is reshaping how companies operate and how consumers access services. read less


Fireside Chats 2 - How to Make an Impact (and More Money) with the Bluefort Partner Program
Sep 5 2023
Fireside Chats 2 - How to Make an Impact (and More Money) with the Bluefort Partner Program
What if the hard work was already done? Here’s the thing about good friends and partners. You can lean on them. Working in the subscription landscape is tough. The hours are long, and the pressure to be both profitable and investible while you scale is insane. So you might have already spotted that this is a great opportunity area for Dynamics partners – across CRM and ERP. So why not think about sitting on the shoulders of someone who’s been there and has already figured out the lay of the technology landscape behind successful subscription organisations? Someone who gives you access to better revenue growth, industry knowledge and so much more? We’re looking for some great potential partners to join brands like GoCardless, Sysco Software, Columbus Global, and Avanade. Our current partnerships are shaking things up and making huge strides. We’re looking for companies that want to make a mark in the subscription world. Who want to create something incredible. Curious? We love curious people. We’re hosting a 30-minute fireside chat to let you know everything you have to gain from a partnership with Bluefort. And you’ll learn exactly what we’re looking for in our partners, too. Sometimes our lives take a turn that changes everything – even when we don’t realize it at the time. What if this could be a moment like that for you? Why go it alone when you don’t have to? Listen to this episode and see if we’re a good match.