How do you turn art into product? Michelle shares the ups & downs and colorful outcomes of her business, Allen Designs

Windowsill Chats

Jan 27 2021 • 55 mins

Margo is joined by Michelle, the creative and business brain of Allen Designs. She has always had the dream of doing something big with her art, and at a Saturday Market, years ago, Michelle marked the start of what would become Allen Designs, a World of Whimsy. Her lack of schooling did not stop her from learning everything she needed to know to grow a successful business. There is no shortage of getting her hands “dirty” because she believes that is where the magic happens.

In this episode Michelle & Margo chat about:

  • Why Michelle originally hated art classes
  • The book that changed her career trajectory
  • Her first of many trips to China (which was her first trip out of the country!)
  • Meshing problem solving and creativity
  • How she oversees quality control
  • The challenges she’s overcome as a small business creative
  • Her can-do, figure it out attitude
  • And more!

In her free time, she cherishes being with her family and grand babies. She also enjoys traveling, exploring and cycling with her husband, Gary. Michelle is always inspired by the beautiful and imperfect world around her.

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