Julian Day: Infamous broadcaster speaks from abroad

The Offcast: Conversations with musical mavericks

May 16 2022 • 44 mins

UK-based Australian composer, artist, and writer/broadcaster Julian day talks about reconsidering classical music traditions, interactive music and his studies overseas.

Julian Day treats sound as a powerful socio-political agent. Since 2007 they have co-facilitated Super Critical Mass, a radically inclusive orchestra project in which temporary communities of untrained participants develop sonic actions in civic spaces, drawing on aspects of emergence and game theory.

Julian Day: https://www.julianday.com/

– Discussed in this episode –
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Louis Andriessen: https://www.boosey.com/composer/Louis+Andriessen
Super Critical Mass: https://www.supercriticalmass.com/
Damian Barbeler: https://www.australianmusiccentre.com.au/artist/barbeler-damian
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La Monte Young: https://www.melafoundation.org/lmy.htm
Phillip Glass: https://philipglass.com/

Opening music: Heaven Only Empty (2014) – Damien Ricketson
Closing music: Light for the First Time (2017) – Bree van Reyk

The Offcast is hosted by Claire Edwardes OAM, and produced and edited by Ben Robinson.
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