Coming Black 2 Africa

Robert A. Belle

Coming Black 2 Africa Seeks to leverage on the experiences of those who have gone through the journey of returning home to help guide those desirous of taking the journey and those fresh in their journey. We peel back the layers and discuss how a day to day experience looks like; food options, financial options and building friendships. How can “welcoming parties” best support returnees, and present the possibility of new recruits connecting back, supporting those ahead and providing guidance on their own return.

The show also looks at infrastructure development around a return journey; bilateral agreements, immigration changes and much more.

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EP 002-Blooming in Kenya & East Africa with Joanne Ball-Burgess.
Feb 28 2021
EP 002-Blooming in Kenya & East Africa with Joanne Ball-Burgess.
In this interview Joanne discusses how she and her family moved to Africa to explore better opportunities. She shares how she didn’t have a repatriation desire but how being in the mother land led her to get more in contact with her roots and how her self confidence of being in a black skin “skyrocketed”. Tune in to hear how Jo1 encompasses high creativity and high intelligence and how she kept finding low cost opportunities to blossom. Coming from Bermuda she gives us a quick recap of impact on black identity through slavery-“The African holocaust”. Jo1 also shares one of the most traumatic experiences in her life while living in Kenya and how that affected her.Lastly, she shares her 3 life hacks for #Comingblack2AfricaAbout Joanne:Instargram: @jo1bermudianYoutube: Jo-1Better known by her stage name Judge Jo-1, she is a multitalented Dancer, Choreographer, Singer, Songwriter, Author, Educator, Yogini & Television Personality.She began her career by receiving operatic vocal training at age 11 and has been dancing since age 13. She began formal dance training at age 14 which escalated further at age 19 while in college in Columbus, Ohio USA.Jo-1 was actually born to dance and bridge continental divides in the process. She has formal training in West African Dance, Modern Contemporary dance, Lyrical & Ballet coupled with East African traditional dances, Hip Hop & Dancehall as well as some dabbling in Musical Theatre.As the longest serving female judge for East Africa’s widely acclaimed dance competition show “Sakata Mashariki” on Citizen TV, Jo-1 emerged as the unparalleled breath of fresh air the dance industry lacked thus generating her a beloved fan base.The magic of Jo-1 has spread like wildfire in the East African region, Bermuda & beyond.Post about this episode using #comingblack2africa