Life After Child Loss

Liene Ciguze

This podcast is not about grief. This podcast is about life, love and finding yourself again after losing a child. I've been exactly where you are, and now I want to show you the road back to a life of your own. read less

Finding the Words... with Colin Campbell
Mar 14 2023
Finding the Words... with Colin Campbell
Join me this week as I speak with Colin, a remarkable individual who has shown incredible resilience in the face of unimaginable loss. Despite the heart-wrenching experience of losing his two teenage children, Colin remains unwavering in his belief that there is still a life worth living after such tragedy. As he shares his story, you'll discover that this life is different from the one you might have envisioned, but it is no less meaningful. With acceptance comes the growth of a bigger heart and strength that is born of the deepest sorrow. Don't miss this inspiring conversation with Colin, a true testament to the power of the human spirit.Colin Campbell is a writer and director for theatre and film. He was nominated for an Academy Award for Seraglio, a short film he wrote and directed with his lovely and talented wife, Gail Lerner. He has taught Theater and/or Filmmaking at Chapman University, Loyola Marymount University, Cal Poly Pomona University, and to incarcerated youth through The Unusual Suspects. His one-person show titled "Grief: A One Man Shit Show " premiered at the Hollywood Fringe Festival, where it won a Best of Broadwater Award. He lives in Los Angeles and sometimes Joshua Tree.  Please check out Colin Campbell's new book: "Finding the Words: Working Through Profound Loss with Hope and Purpose."You can get in touch with Colin and find out more about him on IG @colincampbellwriter and his website If you want to learn more about me and what I do, check out my website, to be the first to know about what I'm up to? Please sign up for my emails at I'm always happy to hear from you!