05 - How Channel Partners Help Build a Brand’s Authority

Partner Relationship Management (PRM): The Ultimate Channel Sales Podcast

Jan 26 2022 • 36 mins

In this episode of The Ultimate Channel Sales Podcast, we bring on Matt Soloman. He has been in channel-related roles for nearly a decade. Currently, he is the Chief Business Development Officer & Co-Founder of a consultancy, The Channel Program. He is also the CEO of Channel Halo and he runs an insightful channel-related newsletter: Navigating the IT Channel.

Topic summary:

As we know, channel sales is an efficient way to cast a wider net and increase sales – But, did you realize that your channel partner program is also one of the greatest marketing tools you’ll ever have?

Acting as agents on your behalf, channel partners engage in a variety of activities to promote a vendor, and all this additional marketing for your brand can really help build its authority far beyond what you may be capable of independently.

So, what can you do to get the most out of the marketing opportunities from your partnerships and strengthen your brand authority, as much as possible via partners?

Matt discusses how channel partners help build a brand’s authority including:

  • What to define in the channel marketing strategy
  • Through-partner marketing best practices
  • Joint-marketing activities between partners and vendors that produce the highest ROI
  • Best practices for enabling your channel partners to build your brand authority

Listen to the episode to hear Matt cover these topics and more.

Read the blog: https://www.magentrix.com/articles/blog/How-Channel-Partners-Help-Build-a-1-2-2022

(0:00) Introduction
(2:11) Matt Soloman’s background in channel sales
(4:36) The Channel Program
(7:42) Channel partners building a brand's authority: what to define in the channel marketing strategy?
(9:19) How to strengthen partner relationships and differentiate yourself from other vendors
(13:26) Measuring the success of your efforts: can you use KPIs?
(15:21) Through-partner marketing best practices
(20:38) Partner-vendor joint-marketing activities for high ROI
(24:06) Setting realistic expectations for through-partner marketing
(25:25) How to reverse the damage of a partnership that is affecting the ecosystem
(27:14) 3 best practices for enabling your channel partners to build your brand authority
(31:05) Can the growth rate of a vendor's channel be too fast?
(34:39) Conclusion