06 - 3 Best Kept Secrets to Creating Long-Term Revenue Streams Within The Channel

Partner Relationship Management (PRM): The Ultimate Channel Sales Podcast

Feb 15 2022 • 28 mins

Our guest today, Autum Grimm, is not only an innovator, but also a pioneer, in a division of the channel space that had been left completely unexplored before the birth of her company. Today, she is responsible for revenue, demand generation, operations and business development as CRO at PartnerTap, a leading enterprise Partner Ecosystem Platform that allows companies to automate account mapping, control data shared with each partner, and enable sales teams to cross-sell with partners.

Topic summary:

Growth of your partnerships can sometimes take a direction that may demand a new set of requirements to keep your partners engaged.

Dealing with any unforeseen situations can best be avoided by planning early & carefully, and regularly checking in with partners and tracking efforts.

Take care of your partners and your partners will take care of you. This, is how you truly reap long-term benefits for years to come.

Autum shares the 3 best kept secrets to creating long-term revenue streams within the channel:

  1. Build strong relationships with your channel partners
  2. Have a winning channel strategy
  3. Track and measure success with your channel partners

Listen to the episode for all of Autum’s insights on achieving success within the channel.

Read the blog: https://www.magentrix.com/articles/blog/3-Best-Kept-Secrets-to-Creating-16-2-2022

(0:00) Introduction
(2:16) Autum Grimm’s background as a channel leader
(2:43) What do organizations need to consider if creating long-term revenue through partnerships is their end-goal?
(3:04) Secret #1: Build strong relationships with your channel partners
(5:29) Secret #2: Have a winning channel strategy
(10:46) Building loyalty and engaging channel partners
(13:55) Enabling partners to meet their goals
(15:54) When to give up on an unsuccessful partnership
(18:39) Secret #3: Track and measure success with your channel partners
(26:31) Invest in yourself as a channel professional
(27:48) Conclusion