Silence and the Contemplative Edge

The Contemplative Edge

Apr 14 2021 • 15 mins

What does silence have to do with living and working at the contemplative edge? This episode brings together a number of explorations and themes from season 1 on silence, and looks in particular at the connection to contemplation and creation.  Let me know how your relationship with silence is shifting by tagging me on twitter @rashmir, #contemplativeedge Timestamps to key points [00:56] - A brief recap of this season on silence [02:53] - Recommended resources for further reading and reflection [03:22] - Life happens in the silences - a poem by Andō [03:58] - Listener feedback [04:44] - Slowing down is a key to inner silence [06:36] - Mindfulness as a key practice [06:57] - Definition of the Contemplative Edge [07:57] - Slowing, silence, stillness and spaciousness and contemplative practice [09:18] - Gordon Hempton silence quote [10:35] - The creative relationship to silence and the impulse to create [11:34] - What if silence is the ultimate stimulus? [11:44] - Silence is key to creative and contemplative practice, and it is also an outcome [11:55] - Nature, wonder and awe and their relationship to inner silence, mystery and not knowing [12:42] - The deeper vein of silence and it’s relationship to sensing what is alive and what is emergent [13:16] - Richard Rohr on silence as a living primordial presence [14:12] - Silence is essential to living and working at the contemplative edge [14:17] - Silence is a sort of wholeness, a sort of knowing, and perhaps also a deeper plane of love Resources/further reading Silence - The Power of Quiet in a World Full of Noise by Thich That Hanh, available wherever books are sold and lent Andō: Experience a world of silence, sound, and words, https://ando.life/ (https://ando.life/)  Richard Rohr on SIlence, the Great Teacher: https://cac.org/silence-the-great-teacher-2020-01-07/ (https://cac.org/silence-the-great-teacher-2020-01-07/)