"Book Club" Chapter 2 managing your shame

What’s Next with Lisa Scott

Nov 12 2021 • 19 mins

Lisa discusses chapter 2, of her book, It's Going to be Great, it's Fine I'm Fine. Lisa takes a deeper look into the effects that shame and a negative internal dialogue can have on our overall connection to our self worth and our outlook on the world. Lisa also opens up about some of her own story from her past in an effort for people to see that not trusting yourself, and shaming yourself, always leads to a negative return on emotional investment. If you haven't purchased your copy of Lisa's book you can find it on Amazon, Barnes and noble, or at the book shop at www. bookbaby.com. Just search for the title, It's going to be great, it's fine I'm fine, by Lisa Scott LPC.

If you have questions you can email Lisa at whatsnextwithlisa@gmail.com you can also find her on Instagram @whatsnextwithlisa or check out her new Facebook page and search It's going to be great it's fine I'm fine.

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