118: The Dark Power of "Idea Laundering"

The Art of Catholic with Matthew Leonard

Nov 3 2021 • 17 mins

Have you ever wondered how is it that new terms you had never heard of like “woke,” “transgender,” “privilege” are suddenly everywhere? It’s like overnight these words just show up and are being spoken about by everyone.

Well, it’s not spontaneous. It’s planned…and it’s called “idea laundering.”

In a shorter, follow-up to my recent full interview with Noelle Mering on Marxism and the Woke Movement, we discuss the way in which our Catholic faith is being attacked on all sides at once.

It’s a quick, fascinating look at things like:

  • How Our Language is So Quickly Manipulated
  • Why Teacher’s Unions are Hotbeds of Activism (Pay attention, parents!)
  • The Destructive Role of John Dewey (yeah…the Dewey Decimal System guy)
  • The Danger of Disney (Sorry Walt)
  • How to Fight Against This Onslaught Attacking Our Families

There are people working hard to radically undermine not just our culture, but even our ability to practice the faith. They’re fully aware that controlling language will lead to control of people.

God bless!