Macro Lens on Markets

The Lebenthal Report

Mar 19 2024 • 1 hr

This week on the Lebenthal Report, Dominick and Michael welcome special guest Michael Logalbo, known as Macro Mike, a global market strategist at New York Life Investments. The trio engages in a candid exploration of market dynamics and economic trends, navigating the intricacies of the current macro landscape. They analyze minimal market losses despite negative news and pressure on bonds from interest rates, speculating on the Federal Reserve's upcoming decisions and predicting lower interest rates by year-end. Delving into the growth potential of the AI subsector within the technology industry, they assess macro market dynamics, regulatory concerns, and the impact on the workforce, shedding light on AI deployment across various sectors. Additionally, they weigh in on the strength of the US economy amidst global uncertainties, discussing indicators of a potential economic slowdown and the tightening lending policies impacting banks. Join them for a captivating discussion covering market unpredictability, recession predictions, and the transformative potential of the AI subsector within the technology industry.