Financial Equity For All

The Lebenthal Report

May 28 2024 • 1 hr

On the latest audio-only episode of The Lebenthal Report, Michael and guest co-host David Walker discuss financial planning for people without children. They welcome Christine Erickson, founder of the New Legacy Institute (NLI), the first and only global institute focused on the real-world impact of pronatalist culture and policy. NLI is dedicated to achieving equity and inclusion for people without children in all domains and advocates for the equal and protected status of all individuals, regardless of reproductive and relationship identity, status, or experience. In this episode, Michael, David, and Christine explore how to change the conversation around financial planning to include people without children. They discuss strategies for addressing the unique financial needs and goals of this often-overlooked group, emphasizing the importance of tailored financial advice that recognizes diverse life paths and priorities. Through thoughtful dialogue and expert insights, they aim to broaden the scope of financial planning to be more inclusive and equitable for everyone.