Charting a Sustainable Future

The Lebenthal Report

Apr 2 2024 • 1 hr

This week on the Lebenthal Report, we welcome Dr. John Berger, PhD, an environmental science and policy specialist, author, and journalist, to delve into the critical issue of climate change. With his expertise, Dr. Berger discusses his background and current role, shedding light on his recent publication addressing climate change solutions. As the conversation unfolds, Dr. Berger shares insights on how climate change might impact the market, advocating for urgent action. Meanwhile, Michael and Dominick engage in a discussion about the future of investing in clean energy, highlighting the potential for growth and innovation in sustainable technologies. From renewable energy projects to green infrastructure initiatives, the dialogue explores avenues for progress in addressing climate challenges. For more insights, information, and where to buy Dr. Berger’s book, check out his website: