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Creativity coach Diane Foy has conversations with thriving multipassionate artists, musicians, actors, dancers, painters, photographers, and other creative souls on their journey, entrepreneurship, and process. Solo shows offer coaching drawn from her 30 years of experience as a creative entrepreneur, which includes 16 years as a arts and entertainment publicist. Let's celebrate being a multipotentialite, scanner, Renaissance soul, polymath, multi-hyphenate, generalist, serial specialist, or whatever term feeds your soul.
Artistic Director, Dancer, Choreographer & Fight Director Colleen Snell
Hello and welcome to episode 75 of Multipassionate Artists. I am so excited about the upcoming episodes I have in the works for you. Along with interviews with a variety of multi-passionate artists, I’m also going to try out a new format with real-life coaching sessions. An artist just like you will volunteer to be in the hot seat and you will be able to listen as I coach them to a solution. Topics will include how to choose what to focus on when you have so many interests, how to set achievable goals, how to break through creative blocks and limiting beliefs, and how to show up authentically in every aspect of your life. Of course, pr and marketing strategies will come up, however, I believe that you can’t be successful without first building a solid foundation with authentic personal branding.Shoot me an email at podcast@dianefoy.com if you are interested in volunteering. I want to shout out a new review for the podcast and the first for Multipassionate Artists.RinaAM says Love this podcast and I’m excited about the new name and focus. I’ve heard “you do too much” more often than I can count. Thanks to Diane for not only encouraging us to embrace all parts of ourselves, but to LOVE this part of ourselves. I can’t wait to learn more.Thank you Rina. Artistic Director, Dancer, Choreographer, Educator & Fight Director Colleen SnellToday my guest is Colleen Snell, the Artistic Director and Co-Founder of Frog in Hand. She works with a broad range of dance and movement organizations in a variety of roles including educator, choreographer, collaborator, outside eye, fight director, and performer.  Colleen’s choreographic tendencies lean toward large-scale ensemble work and stories inspired by science fiction. Her collaborative choreographic process and work is highly regarded, as is her work in improvisation and site-specific production. Colleen devises and performs collaborative work with musicians, spoken word poets, actors, fight directors, visual and martial artists. She holds a Masters Degree in Dance from England's London Contemporary Dance School and regularly choreographs and dances with a variety of dance-theatre companies. Colleen frequently acts as a fight choreographer with a specialty in site-specific/dance-based movement sequences.For links & a transcript visit dianefoy.com/075
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Introducing Multi-Passionate ArtistsArtists Identity & Story Coaching at Music Pro Summit
Hello and welcome to episode 73 of Sing! Dance! Act! Thrive!It has been longer than the normal break between episodes this time and honestly, it was because I was not feeling inspired. For the podcast, but also what I was posting on social media and the whole way I have been communicating about what I do, who I coach, and how I help them.I had a breakthrough idea last week and I have jumped in to make it a reality so changes are coming very soon. Stay tuned for a new name, new focus, and new inspiring content. My purpose is still all about arts, entertainment, and creativity so I’m confident that you will all want to come along for the ride. Recorded during the Music Pro Summit by CDBaby and Indie Week, today’s episode is a Q&A with artists Quanthem, who is a coaching client of mine, Eli Glenn who goes by Always the Grimm and hosts the Zensational podcast, and Alex Hajjar who hosts the Social Animals podcast. We had an inspiring conversation about the importance of an artist’s story in attracting fans, media and industry, personal branding, and pushing your comfort zone to show up authentically. My whole life I have been passionate about arts and entertainment. When I was a kid I was so shy but I was drawn to the worlds that musicians, actors, and dancers created. In my creative entrepreneur journey, I have been a photographer, makeup artist, journalist, artist manager, publicist, or now coach. The motivation behind all it was to help performers succeed. As a coach, I help artists, musicians and actors attract fans, media, and industry so that you can make a greater impact and income. This podcast is another resource I created to educate, motivate and empower artists to stop letting fear and a lack of knowledge hold them back from achieving their dreams.So today at the Music Pro Summit I invited some artists on the show to ask whatever questions they have about personal branding, social media or publicity.  For links and a transcript visit singdanceactthrive.com/073
Oct 14 2021
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Actor CEO's Mike Moreno on Treating Your Creative Career As A Business
Hello and welcome to episode 72 of Sing! Dance! Act! Thrive!I’ve been a guest on some amazing podcasts lately so I wanted to shout out some shows that you should check out. Plus I always think I’m much more entertaining and provide more value on other shows than on my own. I think it is because of the great questions the hosts ask me. To hear how to market your music so that you attract fans listen to the Dare To Be Seen podcast. The importance of knowing your why before marketing what you do is the focus of the All Things Vocal podcast. On the Profitable Musicians podcast, I talked about the importance of sharing your unique story to genuinely connect with audiences. I talk about Personal branding and goal setting on the Art Talk podcast and social media marketing on the Out To Be podcast. I was also a guest on the Actor CEO podcast with today’s guest Mike Moreno where we talked about publicity and branding for actors. You can check out all of these episodes and more at http://dianefoy.com/mediaToday’s guest Mike Moreno runs The Actor CEO Podcast and ActorCEO.com, connecting thousands of actors worldwide to industry pros, tools, and resources that help them treat their career like a business filling the gap between training and building a sustainable creative life. Backstage and Casting Networks have both rated the podcast as a "top podcast for actors.", Mike contributes articles to Backstage, OnStageBlog, and StageMilk and also teaches industry business and marketing classes in drama schools around the country and coaches creative professional online. Now is the golden era for creatives, and Mike is helping to ensure actors lead the way. If you enjoy this episode I would greatly appreciate it if you could rate and review it on apple podcasts and share it with your fellow artists! I will give you a shout-out and read the review on a future episode.For links and a transcript visit singdanceactthrive.com/072
Jun 17 2021
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Launch a New Income Stream as a Music Teacher or Coach with Bree Noble and Katie Zaccardi
Hello and welcome to episode 71 of Sing! Dance! Act! Thrive!First up I want to announce that I have just released an updated version of the Fans, Media, & Industry Attraction Roadmap for Musicians and Actors. This free ebook will walk you through 3 phases to set you up so that you can book gigs and make money with your talents.Phase 1 is Authentic Personal BrandingPersonal branding is all about expressing your authentic self in all its glory. It is exploring and celebrating your personality, interests, experiences, core values, beliefs, skills, strengths, and even your weaknesses.Phase 2 Social Media SuperfansPersonal branding allows you to present yourself with confidence as you are clear on your artist identity, purpose, and unique story. Now it’s time to learn how to show up consistently on social media and cultivate lasting relationships with fans, media, and industry.Phase 3 Media SpotlightWhether you want to be featured in blogs, magazines, podcasts, radio, television or your local newspaper it is important to prepare yourself to make the most of the opportunities. Phase 3 sets the stage for building your team.To download the Fans, Media, & Industry Attraction Roadmap for Musicians and Actors visit dianefoy.com/freebie In this episode, I have 2 returning guests of this podcast, Bree Noble and Katie Zaccardi who have teamed up to run a group coaching program, Out to Launch, built for music entrepreneurs to grow their businesses & income and successfully launch their music coaching/teaching program or course.After a successful run as a touring singer/songwriter, Bree Noble founded Women of Substance Radio to promote quality female artists in all genres. She hosts the Profitable Musician Show Podcast where she teaches musicians how to tap into multiple streams of income. Drawing on her extensive experience as a musician, online marketer, and business owner, Bree has created several educational programs for musicians including The Female Musician Academy and Rock Your Next Release. Katie Zaccardi has helped hundreds of musicians, music teachers, and music coaches grow their careers & bank accounts while ditching overwhelm, self-doubt, and burnout for good. She is the host of the Out To Be podcast and is on a mission to empower women in music to grow sustainable music careers, and create lives of freedom & abundance.The program launch will officially kick off June 17th during a 3-day free challenge, 3 Steps to Successfully Launch a New Income Stream as a Music Teacher/Coach and they explain a bit more about it in our chat. I hope that you enjoy it.Also, check out the quiz they mention in the episode What money-making offer should you add to your business?For other links and a transcript visit singdanceactthrive.com/071If you enjoyed this or any other episode I would love it if you could rate and review it on apple podcasts. It really helps the show get discovered and bring in more amazing guests.There is a new review out of Canada by CJ jellybeansduncken who says“Diane Foy is an amazing host, she is incredible, every time I listen to her podcast she always interviews the most inspiring artists that help motivate and inspire me in life. I like how Diane talks on her podcast, it’s really clear and professional.”That right there is the reason why I do this. I want to motivate and inspire people to pursue their passions.
Jun 10 2021
38 mins
Embracing the Saboteur with Dr. Natasha Kassam Paris
Hello and welcome to episode 70 of Sing! Dance! Act! Thrive!Let's talk transformations...By now, you probably know that I am a branding and PR coach for artists, musicians, and actors, but today I want to shift gears to talk about the transformation my coaching can do for you!I believe that in order to attract fans, media, and industry you need to explore your purpose, identity, and story which is all a part of personal branding. With an authentic personal brand along with social media and communication strategies, you can be unstoppable.That’s why people like Tamara Maddalen had such a breakthrough and went from overwhelmed without a plan to successfully launching her Mint Green Mercury album.By exploring her authentic artist identity, she was able to fearlessly pursue her passions and attract loyal fans, media coverage, and music industry opportunities. She is now also 1/3 of country music’s hottest new trio New Moon Junction.Tamara is just one of my client success stories and I’d love for you to experience this transformation, too. So for a limited time, I’m offering a free introductory coaching session for listeners of this podcast. Visit dianefoy.com/booking  My guest today is Dr. Natasha Kassam Paris who is a Naturopathic Doctor (ND) and Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT™) Practitioner. She uses her diverse clinical background, rich cultural heritage, and lived experiences to help women of color transform every facet of their lives and create a new sense of belonging. Dr. Natasha is a part of the Six Figure Coach Club that I am in as our mindset coach. I have also taken her Embracing the Saboteur workshop which is available for free right now on her website. You can learn how to douse self-sabotage with attention, curiosity, and compassion. You'll be introduced to powerful, self-care practices that can help you leap beyond your sabotage behaviors and reactive post-trauma responses. As another one of my mentors, Jasmine Star would say “Prepare your heart” because we go deep and I know that it will inspire you.For links and a transcript visit singdanceactthrive.com/070
Jun 3 2021
49 mins
Hip Hop Icon Maestro Fresh Wes: "Stick To Your Vision"
Hello and welcome to episode 69 of Sing! Dance! Act! Thrive!I’m going to start the show with a little-known fact… For most of my life, I tiptoed around in order to go unnoticed. I was passionate about the performing arts, however, I was way too shy to become a performer. As a photographer, makeup artist, journalist, artist manager, and publicist I could remain behind the scenes, but becoming a coach changed that for me. As a creativity coach, we dig deep into core values, limiting beliefs, and personal motivation for achieving goals. Encouraging my clients to show up authentically, to share vulnerabilities, and to push through their comfort zones motivates me to lead by example and do the same. Now when I notice I am procrastinating on something I examine the why behind it, what fear or limiting belief am I holding on to? Then I work to push through. And I’m grateful for the change! Listeners have heard me say before that the reason I got into coaching was out of frustration that too many artists were coming to me for publicity before they were really ready. In order to get media attention these days, you need a professional brand, interesting stories, and an active social media following. Through coaching I can guide you through developing those step by step, however, lately, I’m realizing that in my attempts to give the people what they want which is for me to teach them about social media and dyi publicity that I’ve started to allow clients to again skip over the foundational work. The foundation is personal branding which is all about expressing your authentic self in all its glory. It is exploring and celebrating your personality, interests, life experiences, core values, beliefs, skills, strengths, and even your weaknesses. It is deeply personal work that I believe strongly that you can’t have long-lasting success if you skip it. I’m sharing this because it is good to take a step back and remember the why behind your vision and notice if you are going off track. So you may notice on the podcast or things I share on social media that I’m going to return to focus on the foundations more so than giving you social media and publicity tips. My guest today knows all about sticking to your vision so much so that Stick to your vision has grown from a song that he wrote and recorded to a book to Ted talks to being a major part of his personal and professional brand. Maestro Fresh Wes is a multi-award-winning recording artist, and the first Canadian Hip Hop artist to have a single hit Gold status on the charts. His iconic 1989 album Symphony In Effect was the first to receive a JUNO Award for Best Rap Recording of the Year, as well as the first Canadian Hip Hop album to go Platinum. A true pioneer, he was also the first Canadian hip hop artist to have a song rank on Billboard’s Top 20 Rap Singles chart, and in 2019 “Let Your Backbone Slide” became the first rap song inducted into the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame.Maestro’s songs “Reach For The Sky (feat. Classified and Blue Rodeo)” and “The Distance (feat. Saukrates)” were featured throughout the Olympics, 2014 Winter, and 2016 Summer, respectively.As an actor, Williams has appeared on numerous film and television projects, including The Line — for which he was nominated for a Gemini Award for Best Performance by an Actor in a Featured Supporting Role in a Dramatic Series — and  as the character of Paul Dwyer in the CBC hit sitcom, Mr. D. He has been inducted into the Scarborough Walk of Fame, received the 2003 Reel World Film Festival Trailblazer Award, and was a guest speaker for the Governor-General of Canada’s Summit on Urban Arts. Williams’ paths as both an author and motivational speaker merged with the release of his motivational book, Stick To Your Vision with its foreword written by Public Enemy’s Chuck D, and content long-credited for inspiring fellow Canadian hip hop star Drake.Canada’s indisputable Godfather of hip hop has just unveiled his newest release — an inspirational children’s book, Stick To Your Vision: Young Maestro Goes to School.How is that for an introduction…the man is a legend and a super sweet guy too. I hope you enjoy our conversation.Links and a transcript visit http://singdanceactthrive.com/069
May 27 2021
27 mins
X.ARI on Turning “Pain Into Power” Through Art & Self-Care
Hello and welcome to episode 68 of Sing! Dance! Act! Thrive!I wanted to start this episode with some gratitude. I’ve been creating this podcast for over 2 years and it is nearing 8,000 downloads. That may not be a lot in comparison to many others out there but I’m always coaching artists about how slow and steady growth is longer-lasting growth. I wanted to take a moment to recognize some listeners who took the time to leave a review for the show. It means so much to me each and every time someone tells me that they either learned something new or were inspired by an episode.The first one comes from Nella Marina who says about the show “What a wonderful resource to have in your pocket! So many amazing tips from an industry expert. Thank you for all of the amazing free information that you put out there!” Nella, thank you so much for your kind words and because I google everyone, I know that Nella Marina is an Australian actress from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, who has relocated to Vancouver, BC, Canada. That is very cool. I love Australians and grew up in Vancouver.Another recent review was from a previous guest of the show. Vocal coach Judy Rodman says “This podcast is a quality audio experience that doesn't waste time getting to the heart of matters of interest to singers, dancers, actors, and other artists. I had the honor of being interviewed and found Diane's experience in the field of the arts made her an insightful interviewer who knows how to dig into the good stuff!”That is so sweet and I loved my conversation with Judy so if you missed it definitely visit episode 66 and hear all about her 50-year career in the music industry. I love seeing where people are from that are downloading the show. The number one country now is India. I have no idea why but that is fantastic. USA and Canada are next. I also want to shout out listeners from France, Senegal, UK, Australia, Brazil, and Spain. How cool is that? I would absolutely love to hear from you all. It would mean the world to me if you could leave a review on itunes. Take a screenshot and tag me @dianefoypr and I’ll be sure to share it and give you a shout-out on a future episode. May is mental health awareness month in the US and my guest today X. ARI is an LGBTQIA+ Alt-Pop singer, writer, and mental health advocate from Toronto. Her life motto is all about turning “Pain Into Power” through art and self-care. Having comorbid Dis-Orders is not her identity, but her superpower. X. ARI’s visceral lyrics transmit messages of hope as often as they ponder tragedy. Her sound comes to life in the middle. Her upcoming EP “Anja”, dedicated to her first-ever girlfriend, is being released this June to celebrate their newfound love & Pride Month.It is X. ARI’s mission to use creativity to empower and raise awareness by using her platform to encourage others to turn their Pain into Power by finding their conduit for healing. Her goal is to make a global impact as an artist, songwriter, advocate, and public speaker to spread her message, light, and self-care tips to help heal the world.For the entire month of May, she’s hosting “Mental Health Month with X. ARI”. It is a FREE online festival with workshops & talks by healers, teachers, advocates, artists, and organizations such as National Alliance on Mental Illness (San Fernando Valley & Westside LA), Jack.org, Be There, Free Arts, VRY, and Pause+Expand. Throughout the month they are featuring powerful stories, Yoga, Guided Meditations, Sound-Baths, Coping Skills with NAMI, Emotional Freedom Technique, Radical Acceptance, LGBTQIA+ x Mental Health, Sleep Hygiene, Crystal Healing, Cultural Diversity, Mindful Mantras, Intention Setting, and more!X. ARI aims to spark open conversation, connect like-minded people and provide healing support throughout the month that participants can utilize in the future. She hopes to normalize mental health and create an environment where everyone feels accepted, supported, and seen.For Links & a Transcript visit singdanceactthrive.com/068
May 20 2021
36 mins
Barry Bergman on Music Management, Publishing & the Future of the Music Industry
Hello and welcome to episode 67 of Sing! Dance! Act! Thrive!Are you one to set goals or go with the flow? I lived go with the flow for far too many years. I am most creative when I don’t have a specific plan, but I’ve learned that a goal without a plan is just a wish or dream.Right now, I’m aiming to fill my coaching practice with 5 more musician or actor clients so that I can help them attract fans, media, and industry and so that the world can experience their talent.My plan to achieve that is to offer 20 free coaching sessions over the next month. If you are looking to increase your confidence and online presence so that they can book more gigs you can schedule a session at dianefoy.com/bookingToday’s guest Barry Bergman played a key role in launching the careers of AC/DC, Meat Loaf, John Paul Young, and Flash & The Pan when he was Vice President and Professional Manager at Edward B. Marks Music. He went on to become Vice President of Creative Affairs for United Artists Music Publishing.  In 1981 he started Barry Bergman Management representing recording artists and Ellymax Music & Wood Monkey Music representing songwriters.He has published over 400 songs recorded by artists including Cher, Michael Bolton, Joan Jett, Kiss, & Helix, He had hits with Paul Carrack, KIX, and Kathy Mattea to name a few.Barry was inducted into the Personal Managers Hall of Fame in 2018 and is the Founder & Chairman Emeritus of the Music Managers Forum U.S., an international not-for-profit organization with over 1000 members worldwide. The MMF was formed to further the interests of talent managers and their artists in all fields of the music industry.Currently, Barry is an entertainment business consultant, publisher, and hosts a music industry seminar called “Music Industry Secrets You Can’t Google” focusing on management, marketing, music publishing, and promotion.For links and a transcript visit singdanceactthrive.com/067
Apr 22 2021
43 mins
Nashville’s Best Vocal Coach & BMI Million-Air Awarded Songwriter  Judy RodmanBree Noble on 5 Stages of Music Career Success
Hello and welcome to episode 65 of Sing! Dance! Act! Thrive!2020 did not go according to plan! In 2021, so many things are still uncertain, like when live concerts, theatre, festivals, and other events will return. What I know for sure, though, is why I got into coaching unstoppable musicians and actors in the first place. I have a real passion for the performing arts and I am committed to helping my clients attract fans, media, and industry so that they can make money with their talents. It is my purpose in life.I love the descriptive word “unstoppable” because my ideal clients didn’t just wait around last year for things to go back to normal. They were resourceful, proactive, and persistent in educating themselves and growing their audience online. I can coach performers on the how of personal branding, social media, and PR, but the key to success is taking consistent action. Does this describe you? or who you want to become?I announced on the podcast a few weeks ago that I was giving myself the challenge to give away 45 free coaching sessions in 45 days to qualified musicians and actors. It has been fantastic to connect with so many of you during the last couple of weeks. I will continue the offer throughout April so if you haven’t yet had an introductory session with me, now is the time! Visit Dianefoy.com/booking Thank you so much for your help and I hope to see you on zoom soon.My guest today shares my purpose for helping up-and-coming musicians succeed. Bree Noble quit her corporate job as a Director of Finance to pursue music. After a successful run as a touring singer/songwriter, she founded Women of Substance Radio to promote quality female artists in all genres. She hosts the Profitable Musician Show Podcast where she teaches musicians how to tap into multiple streams of income. Drawing on her extensive experience as a musician, online marketer, and business owner, Bree has created several educational programs for musicians including The Female Musician Academy and Rock Your Next Release.During our conversation, Bree shares her Musician’s Profit Path framework: The 5 stages of music career growth and the unique challenges of being a female indie artist.For links and a transcript visit http://singdanceactthrive.com/065
Mar 18 2021
38 mins
Patrick Oliver Jones: Musical Theatre Actor, Singer & Why I’ll Never Make It HostWeb Design & Building Community with Katherine Forbes of Music Biz Besties & Designing The Row
Hello and welcome to episode 63 of Sing! Dance! Act! Thrive! 2020 reinforced for me that we in the entertainment industry need community, we need to ask for help, and we need to offer help when we can. My offer to help:As a PR & marketing coach,I help musicians and actors attract fans, media, and industry so that they can book gigs and make money with their talents, without feeling overwhelmed or doubting themselves.After 16 years as an entertainment publicist, I’ve made a milestone decision for 2021 to no longer offer publicity services and go all-in on coaching because that’s where I can have a deeper impact. This is why I’ve set a goal to give away 45 FREE coaching sessions in 45 days so I can truly be of service to as many people as possible.If you haven’t yet had an introductory session with me, now is the time! You will gain some clarity on your goals and the challenges that you face in achieving them.It’s totally free to book your session– no catch, no strings attached.  I’ll tell you more about how to work with me moving forward if you are curious about that, but at the very least, you should jump on the free session. Dianefoy.com/bookingMy asking for help:I’m asking you to help me meet my challenge. Can you think of 2-3 other musicians or actors who want to attract more fans, media, and industry attention but lack a strategic plan? And if you can, I am asking if you could share this episode with them.My challenge kicks off March 1st. Thank you so much for your help and I hope to see you on zoom soon.My guest today knows all about the importance of community as the creator of the popular Music Biz Besties group. Katherine Forbes is the founder of Nashville-based website and brand design company, Designing the Row, with a client roster that includes over a dozen GRAMMY Award-winning and nominated artists. She is known for her clean and simple design style and recognized as a Squarespace Expert and Squarespace Authorized Trainer. Music Biz Besties is a community of thousands of female musicians and industry professionals from around the world with chapters as far from Nashville as Melbourne AUS. Her work has been featured on Forbes.com and she’s spoken on panels hosted by YELP, the Music Business Association, and many others. Katherine believes that "your success depends on you taking action" and she's passionate about motivating and encouraging others to do just that!During our chat, you will learn what makes a good website, the common mistakes people make, SEO and why she prefers Squarespace over the other options out there. Katherine also shares some lessons that she has learned during her time in music management and through Music Biz Besties.For links and a transcript visit singdanceactthrive.com/063
Feb 25 2021
27 mins
Music PR & Marketing Q&A Screen x Screen EditionSocial Media & Spotify Tips for Bands with Monica Strut
Hello and welcome to episode 61 of Sing! Dance! Act! Thrive!Ever hear of the 5 W’s and 1 H? People often ask me how…. How is my pr and marketing coaching for musicians and actors different from other coaching or training out there? And it's a great question.At the core, I believe in exploring the 5 W’s before we get to the H. This means my clients explore:WHAT they really want and what they have to offer (recordings, live performances, acting for film/tv, merchandise)WHO they truly are and who is most likely to appreciate their talents and what they offerWHEN will they share their talents and offeringsWHERE will they share their talents and offerings& WHY they want it, our why motivation is what drives us to keep going no matter what obstacles come our wayOnly then can we be successful with the HOW of marketing, social media, and publicity.I truly believe that how I approach helping musicians and actors attract fans, media and industry authentically is what gets the results they desire.If you want to learn more I have a free resource called How to Attract Fans, Media, and industry for musicians and actors. The 6C Phase Roadmap to Book Gigs & Make Money that you can download at dianefoy.com/freebieToday’s guest is Monica Strut, an Australian musician and career coach for bands. After working for years as a music journalist and digital marketer (and seeing too many of her talented peers give up on music early on in their careers), she started her coaching business to help emerging bands get the exposure they deserve.  Through her coaching, consulting, online courses, Facebook group, and Being in a Band podcast she has helped hundreds of musicians become empowered to reach the next level in their careers.During our conversation, she offers up some great tips on social media marketing, Spotify playlisting, and how to balance a day job while pursuing your dreams. For links and a transcript visit http://singdanceactthrive.com/061
Feb 4 2021
38 mins
Moniqua Plante on How Health Shapes Actors, Musicians & Creatives Career Future
Hello and welcome to episode 60 of Sing! Dance! Act! Thrive!Are you a performer or creative who just wants to feel your best on-the- daily? Yeah, me too. Great minds think alike!As actors, musicians and creatives, we want to make an impact on the world around us. That means bringing the best of ourselves to everything we do. And we often miss the fundamental link between performing our best and feeling our best.It is just a hard fact of the entertainment industry that our energy, our confidence, and the way we look (whatever amazing way that is ;) are huge parts of booking any job. And how ​you are taking care of your instrument is the biggest contributing factor in ​y​our appearance, ​y​our energy, and ​y​our mood. ​Yo​ur instrument is the only thing ​you​ truly have control over in this business!Today’s guest is my friend Moniqua Plante, who is an actor most known for her guest-starring season-long arc on ABC's Nashville, and recurring guest-starring roles on shows like Drop Dead Diva, Banshee, and Southland. Moniqua is also a Certified Health + Confidence Coach for Actors and Creatives, and she truly believes that our health and wellness directly affects everything else we do in life—especially as creative beings.We had a wonderful conversation about her acting career, how experiences in the industry lead her to take control of her health and how she helps creatives feel good in their bodies no matter what size they are.Be sure to click the links in the show notes to grab the amazing free gifts she has for you including the Feel Good in Your Body Book and I highly recommend that you take her up on her offer of a free coaching session for our listeners.http://singdanceactthrive.com/060
Jan 21 2021
47 mins
From Stage Fright To Stage Presence with Elisa Di NapoliCasting Director & Acting Coach Mel Mack on Self-Tapes That Don't Suck
Hello and welcome to episode 58 of Sing! Dance! Act! Thrive!How is everyone doing with the ending of 2020? For me, I’m trying to work on my mindset for the changes I want to make in 2021 and all that I want to accomplish. I’ve hit a point in my life that I’m not letting anything stop me from achieving my goals. And by anything I mean myself.We stop ourselves in so many ways, don’t we? We don’t always acknowledge it as such though. Often the things that we procrastinate on, dismiss as not important, or avoid altogether are the very things we should be facing head-on.Before we get to the interview with Mel, I share some vulnerabilities I have and am working on with the help of fabulous coaches to inspire you to look at your own issues that may be blocking you from achieving your goals.If you are an actor, maybe setting yourself up to self-tape auditions is something you are procrastinating on. I was excited to interview Mel Mack, Casting Director and Founder of Mel Mack Acting Studio in New York City… WOW we had such a great conversation on how the Acting Industry has evolved this year.You may have had to submit your audition as a self-tape occasionally in the past, but now lit’rally ALL your auditions AND callbacks are being handled remotely via self-tape. Even if you’re not an Actor, I betcha a basket of cute kittens that you’re spending a lot more time on camera, eh? Having a killer self-tape that looks and sounds professional reflects right back on your personal professionalism, and boy has Mel seen more than her fair share of disappointing self-tape submissions from Actors who she *knows* are so much better than their self-tape would suggest.📥 Mel has created a guide for you, and it’s soooo juicy, I am so thrilled to share it with you! Mel's 6-Pillars to Self-Tapes that Don’t Suck Ebook is now available f’free baby! 📥If you’ve been wondering how to…💭 Step up your game on camera💭 Know *exactly* what you need to invest in💭 Stop wasting time and energy on materials that don’t reflect your best, profesh youGrab the guide by clicking the link above to get it in your inbox immediately.For other links and a transcript visit http://singdanceactthrive.com/058
Dec 17 2020
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Ashley Tabatabai on Actors Creating Their Own Work + Tips from Casting Directors
Hello and welcome to episode 57 of Sing! Dance! Act! Thrive!Hey, remember my guest from episode 49 Broadway Actor Bret Shuford, also known as the Broadway Life Coach. Bret has created this really fun and creative way to add more positivity to your life. The Actor Mindset Reset is a FREE 14-day video series where Bret shares a daily inspirational video highlighting a different aspect of mindfulness, as it relates to the performing arts. Sprinkled throughout the training are seven unique coloring pages created in collaboration with Coloring Broadway to help release anxiety and solidify that day’s training. Inspiration, Musical Theatre, AND coloring? Does it get any better than that?Why coloring? Coloring is a non-cognitive, artistic activity- meaning it both calms your mind and frees your creativity. Coloring is known for lowering cortisol levels, calming nerves, and reducing stress. Damn, I’ve got to revisit those coloring pages and do them.Plus, the act of creating without thinking puts you into the flow state where you are allowing ideas to come and go without forcing them. You become more receptive to the here and now. And regardless of what is happening in our minds as we try so hard to predict the future, the here and now are always beautiful.It’s no surprise that coloring is a favorite backstage activity on Broadway. Kids, adults, especially swings and standbys! Amidst the energy and sometimes chaos, they feel that urge to free their minds and create, create, create.The Actor Mindset Reset is not limited to a specific time period. It will begin whatever day you sign up and continue for two weeks. Visit http://singdanceactthrive.com/057 for the link.Today’s guest is actor, filmmaker, and podcast host Ashley Tabatabai. After growing up in Spain and then attending University in the UK, his focus gravitated towards an acting career. As I’m sure many of you actors can relate, an actor’s life consists of numerous auditions and rejections. Ash wasn’t going to let that stop him so he began to write and produce his own content and went on to premier an award-winning short film at the LA International Short Film Festival.I wanted listeners to hear about his experiences with creating his own content as an actor and about what he has learned from interviewing casting directors on his podcast The Ash Tab Show.
Dec 10 2020
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Social Media, PR, Marketing for Musicians & Actors Q&A with Diane Foy