Ashley Tabatabai on Actors Creating Their Own Work + Tips from Casting Directors

Multi-Passionate Artists with Diane Foy

Dec 10 2020 • 27 mins

Hello and welcome to episode 57 of Sing! Dance! Act! Thrive!

Hey, remember my guest from episode 49 Broadway Actor Bret Shuford, also known as the Broadway Life Coach. Bret has created this really fun and creative way to add more positivity to your life.

The Actor Mindset Reset is a FREE 14-day video series where Bret shares a daily inspirational video highlighting a different aspect of mindfulness, as it relates to the performing arts. Sprinkled throughout the training are seven unique coloring pages created in collaboration with Coloring Broadway to help release anxiety and solidify that day’s training. Inspiration, Musical Theatre, AND coloring? Does it get any better than that?

Why coloring? Coloring is a non-cognitive, artistic activity- meaning it both calms your mind and frees your creativity. Coloring is known for lowering cortisol levels, calming nerves, and reducing stress. Damn, I’ve got to revisit those coloring pages and do them.

Plus, the act of creating without thinking puts you into the flow state where you are allowing ideas to come and go without forcing them. You become more receptive to the here and now. And regardless of what is happening in our minds as we try so hard to predict the future, the here and now are always beautiful.

It’s no surprise that coloring is a favorite backstage activity on Broadway. Kids, adults, especially swings and standbys! Amidst the energy and sometimes chaos, they feel that urge to free their minds and create, create, create.

The Actor Mindset Reset is not limited to a specific time period. It will begin whatever day you sign up and continue for two weeks. Visit http://singdanceactthrive.com/057 for the link.

Today’s guest is actor, filmmaker, and podcast host Ashley Tabatabai. After growing up in Spain and then attending University in the UK, his focus gravitated towards an acting career. As I’m sure many of you actors can relate, an actor’s life consists of numerous auditions and rejections. Ash wasn’t going to let that stop him so he began to write and produce his own content and went on to premier an award-winning short film at the LA International Short Film Festival.

I wanted listeners to hear about his experiences with creating his own content as an actor and about what he has learned from interviewing casting directors on his podcast The Ash Tab Show.