Actor CEO's Mike Moreno on Treating Your Creative Career As A Business

Multi-Passionate Artists with Diane Foy

Jun 17 2021 • 46 mins

Hello and welcome to episode 72 of Sing! Dance! Act! Thrive!

I’ve been a guest on some amazing podcasts lately so I wanted to shout out some shows that you should check out. Plus I always think I’m much more entertaining and provide more value on other shows than on my own. I think it is because of the great questions the hosts ask me.

To hear how to market your music so that you attract fans listen to the Dare To Be Seen podcast. The importance of knowing your why before marketing what you do is the focus of the All Things Vocal podcast. On the Profitable Musicians podcast, I talked about the importance of sharing your unique story to genuinely connect with audiences. I talk about Personal branding and goal setting on the Art Talk podcast and social media marketing on the Out To Be podcast. I was also a guest on the Actor CEO podcast with today’s guest Mike Moreno where we talked about publicity and branding for actors. You can check out all of these episodes and more at http://dianefoy.com/media

Today’s guest Mike Moreno runs The Actor CEO Podcast and ActorCEO.com, connecting thousands of actors worldwide to industry pros, tools, and resources that help them treat their career like a business filling the gap between training and building a sustainable creative life.

Backstage and Casting Networks have both rated the podcast as a "top podcast for actors.", Mike contributes articles to Backstage, OnStageBlog, and StageMilk and also teaches industry business and marketing classes in drama schools around the country and coaches creative professional online.

Now is the golden era for creatives, and Mike is helping to ensure actors lead the way.

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