Artists Identity & Story Coaching at Music Pro Summit

Multi-Passionate Artists with Diane Foy

Oct 14 2021 • 50 mins

Hello and welcome to episode 73 of Sing! Dance! Act! Thrive!

It has been longer than the normal break between episodes this time and honestly, it was because I was not feeling inspired. For the podcast, but also what I was posting on social media and the whole way I have been communicating about what I do, who I coach, and how I help them.

I had a breakthrough idea last week and I have jumped in to make it a reality so changes are coming very soon. Stay tuned for a new name, new focus, and new inspiring content. My purpose is still all about arts, entertainment, and creativity so I’m confident that you will all want to come along for the ride.

Recorded during the Music Pro Summit by CDBaby and Indie Week, today’s episode is a Q&A with artists Quanthem, who is a coaching client of mine, Eli Glenn who goes by Always the Grimm and hosts the Zensational podcast, and Alex Hajjar who hosts the Social Animals podcast.

We had an inspiring conversation about the importance of an artist’s story in attracting fans, media and industry, personal branding, and pushing your comfort zone to show up authentically.

My whole life I have been passionate about arts and entertainment. When I was a kid I was so shy but I was drawn to the worlds that musicians, actors, and dancers created.

In my creative entrepreneur journey, I have been a photographer, makeup artist, journalist, artist manager, publicist, or now coach. The motivation behind all it was to help performers succeed.

As a coach, I help artists, musicians and actors attract fans, media, and industry so that you can make a greater impact and income.

This podcast is another resource I created to educate, motivate and empower artists to stop letting fear and a lack of knowledge hold them back from achieving their dreams.

So today at the Music Pro Summit I invited some artists on the show to ask whatever questions they have about personal branding, social media or publicity.

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