X.ARI on Turning “Pain Into Power” Through Art & Self-Care

Multi-Passionate Artists with Diane Foy

May 20 2021 • 36 mins

Hello and welcome to episode 68 of Sing! Dance! Act! Thrive!

I wanted to start this episode with some gratitude. I’ve been creating this podcast for over 2 years and it is nearing 8,000 downloads. That may not be a lot in comparison to many others out there but I’m always coaching artists about how slow and steady growth is longer-lasting growth. I wanted to take a moment to recognize some listeners who took the time to leave a review for the show. It means so much to me each and every time someone tells me that they either learned something new or were inspired by an episode.

The first one comes from Nella Marina who says about the show “What a wonderful resource to have in your pocket! So many amazing tips from an industry expert. Thank you for all of the amazing free information that you put out there!”

Nella, thank you so much for your kind words and because I google everyone, I know that Nella Marina is an Australian actress from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, who has relocated to Vancouver, BC, Canada. That is very cool. I love Australians and grew up in Vancouver.

Another recent review was from a previous guest of the show. Vocal coach Judy Rodman says “This podcast is a quality audio experience that doesn't waste time getting to the heart of matters of interest to singers, dancers, actors, and other artists. I had the honor of being interviewed and found Diane's experience in the field of the arts made her an insightful interviewer who knows how to dig into the good stuff!”

That is so sweet and I loved my conversation with Judy so if you missed it definitely visit episode 66 and hear all about her 50-year career in the music industry.

I love seeing where people are from that are downloading the show. The number one country now is India. I have no idea why but that is fantastic. USA and Canada are next. I also want to shout out listeners from France, Senegal, UK, Australia, Brazil, and Spain. How cool is that?

I would absolutely love to hear from you all. It would mean the world to me if you could leave a review on itunes. Take a screenshot and tag me @dianefoypr and I’ll be sure to share it and give you a shout-out on a future episode.

May is mental health awareness month in the US and my guest today X. ARI is an LGBTQIA+ Alt-Pop singer, writer, and mental health advocate from Toronto. Her life motto is all about turning “Pain Into Power” through art and self-care. Having comorbid Dis-Orders is not her identity, but her superpower. X. ARI’s visceral lyrics transmit messages of hope as often as they ponder tragedy. Her sound comes to life in the middle. Her upcoming EP “Anja”, dedicated to her first-ever girlfriend, is being released this June to celebrate their newfound love & Pride Month.

It is X. ARI’s mission to use creativity to empower and raise awareness by using her platform to encourage others to turn their Pain into Power by finding their conduit for healing. Her goal is to make a global impact as an artist, songwriter, advocate, and public speaker to spread her message, light, and self-care tips to help heal the world.

For the entire month of May, she’s hosting “Mental Health Month with X. ARI”. It is a FREE online festival with workshops & talks by healers, teachers, advocates, artists, and organizations such as National Alliance on Mental Illness (San Fernando Valley & Westside LA), Jack.org, Be There, Free Arts, VRY, and Pause+Expand. Throughout the month they are featuring powerful stories, Yoga, Guided Meditations, Sound-Baths, Coping Skills with NAMI, Emotional Freedom Technique, Radical Acceptance, LGBTQIA+ x Mental Health, Sleep Hygiene, Crystal Healing, Cultural Diversity, Mindful Mantras, Intention Setting, and more!

X. ARI aims to spark open conversation, connect like-minded people and provide healing support throughout the month that participants can utilize in the future. She hopes to normalize mental health and create an environment where everyone feels accepted, supported, and seen.

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