053 7 Reasons Why Your Evergreen Funnel Didn’t Work

Grow to CEO with Rose Radford

Jan 16 2023 • 23 mins

Hello and welcome to this week’s episode on the Grow to CEO podcast! I am pretty excited to be recording this particular episode for you today. After being evergreen for 3 years, I’ve learnt a thing or two about what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to running profitable evergreen funnels. What I do know right now is that one of my evergreen funnels has created well over $1,000,000 in revenue over the last year or so. We have another evergreen funnel that has also achieved 6 figures in just under a year. And of course, I’ve also helped a lot of clients create their own evergreen funnels.

I’ve pulled together a list of 7 reasons why your evergreen funnel didn’t work, isn’t working, or hasn’t worked yet. I’m hoping that this list will help you identify where your biggest gap is, or where your biggest opportunities are for refining your evergreen funnel. Or, if you don’t have an evergreen funnel for selling your group coaching program yet, this will give you a pretty good idea of the traps you can avoid before you get started.

What you’ll learn:

-        The importance of messaging when promoting your evergreen funnel

-        All about the retargeting ecosystem and how this can convert clients

-        How to implement a successful ad strategy

-        The importance of being patient when launching an evergreen funnel

-        Why you need to test your evergreen webinar funnel live

-        To ask yourself if your sales conversion skills need work

-        How to determine whether evergreen marketing is going to work for you

I’d love to know what your biggest insight is from these 7 reasons. If you’re wanting to come and work with me on launching your own high ticket evergreen group coaching program and evergreening it with a kickass funnel that brings leads and sales into your business, hit the link below and put your application in for the Freedom Accelerator® today!


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